Andres Knobel is a lawyer and consultant with the Tax Justice Network, and has worked as a consultant for the Green Party of the European Parliament, the UN FACTI Panel, the UNODC, the German cooperation agency (GIZ) and the Inter-American Development Bank.
His work focuses on financial secrecy and tax havens, specifically in relation to banking secrecy, beneficial ownership registration, automatic exchange of bank account information and abusive regimes of trust law. He has also worked on international tax avoidance and fiscal modeling of oil projects.
Andres has been invited to speak at conferences regarding these issues in Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, India, Indonesia, Mexico, Panama, Peru, Seychelles, Spain, the UK and the US.
He studied law at University of Buenos Aires and he has a Master in Law and Economics from Di Tella University. He has also completed course work at Columbia University in New York and Humboldt University in Berlin as part of study abroad programs.




UNODC meeting @Indonesia 2020

UNODC meeting on beneficial ownership transparency in Southeast Asia on 29 September 2020.

5th Beneficial Ownership Registration conference @BA 2019

The 5th Beneficial Ownership Registration conference took place in Buenos Aires on September 11-12, 2019.